No gun sounds(Not even default weapons, m9k etc)

I do not have any gun sounds? I’ve verified my game cache/files or whatever it is, and it still persists. The only addons I really have enable is m9k, and some maps?

EDIT: Also all other sounds work, I think( Some may not, but like I know all the sounds. Its just all of the gun sounds, default hl2 weapons, m9k etc.

Bump, anyone? xD

Do you have anything in garrysmod/scripts/ ? Sometimes stuff in there causes sound issues.

Yes the tf2’s gamemode sound scripts, thats all. My sounds still worked with them in there, and the default scripts I think if their is any? haha

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Ohh also, the hl2 pistol, has a custom pistol sound, so does the shotgun(Sounds like a realistic shotgun), and I think the rpg has a custom one too but Im unsure.

I have no addons enabled either, well some content packs