No Half-Life 2 Weapons!

Hi. My problem is that whenever I start up a game on Garry’s Mod, I start out with no HL2 weapons. The only weapons that I start out with are the Garry’s Mod weapons, which are not really weapons at all. Here is a list of details:

-Phyics Gun
-Tool Gun

-Gravity Gun
-9mm Pistol
-.357 Magnum
-Pulse Rifle

This started after I attempted to put in a model for the Cockroach NPC from the Half-Life Renaissance mod. If this has anything to do with it, please let me know.

When you are selecting your map, click options.
Find the checkbox “start with weapons”
If thats dosent work, An addon is probably interfearing with the HL2 mount.

gm_mount :eng101: