No hands, no suit. HELP

You can put a bunch of “dumb”, but all once started.

I learn lua. I have one problem. When creating a new game mode, even if I give the player weapons, he haven’t a suit. No hands. Gun in the air. Even if you have an PhysGun, I can not open the Q-menu.
The command give item_suit has no result.


Did you check out this thread?

Doing that will work but if he wants to use the Q-menu he should probably use Sandbox as a base for his gamemode.

Arm’s now is showing. But, viewmodel has no. When player dies, looks like invisible man.

Possible detail? Copy gamemode\sandbox folder and edit some files?

No, set the gamemode base to sandbox in your gamemodes/yourgamemode/yourgamemode.txt file

Did. No result.

— update —
It work, when i write into shared.lua DeriveGamemode( “sandbox” )