No hard feelings! A Rust (very) short film.

Been a while since I’ve played. Within 2 minutes, I was doing this. I’m telling you, there’s something about this game.

The scene from Four Rooms comes to mind watching this.

If you’re the guy who sounds like Liam Neeson (Im pretty sure you are) you should have said “That’s what happens if I find you.”

sniff did the poor mans infection clear up post proceedure?

lol, that is me. I have a very particular set of skills…

when did they put that new bar in the down right side ? looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

It’s currently up on the experimental branch, where this was filmed. It’s cool isn’t it? Took me a while to notice it myself, but i really like how clean the new interface is.

yeah gonna download the new branch now to test some stuff :slight_smile:
looks like there is a bar for cold and blood/thirstiness now

Yep, though I’m not sure it’s working at the moment. Experimental is changing constantly though.

Can we solve the mystery of the tv signal box/thing?? lol