No help for wastelanders

I give you a big Brown box for you to put these horrid pictures and yourself in to be shipped out of Facepunch.

i know blood looks like a splat, i did my best! xD

normal DOF
horribly bloomed and sharpened
low AA
bad angles…

You didn’t do your “best”. You posed these ragdolls bad, contrast raped and the blood and smoke edits don’t fit in at all.

At first glance I thought they look decent. Then I did a second glance.

That was the flattest gunshot blood spray I’ve ever seen.

[editline] lol [/editline]

You didn’t bleed on the picture did you?

Don’t be an asshole just because someone’s poses aren’t great. Instead, give some C&C and move on.

You aren’t a very nice person, are you?

It’s not my job to be nice. I’m pointing out that your just a troll with horrid screenshots, because seriously… how could you think with that contrast rape that we could even see anything clearly or even think it is good?

I used to fuck my screenshots with sharpen because I thought it looked cool, not everyone that posts bad screenshots its a troll, there is no need for been that short minded.

The box I gave you is even browner than the pictures, but at least when you open it your eyes won’t bleed from the bloom.

Bubz is not amused from these comments.