No Hope V1

Picture Taken in Garry’s Mod, And then Edited in
Not sure about the Map, But I found it under the “Eye candy” Tab in Toybox


Nice picture

You used NPCs, simple DoF and that edge effect, which is all a big no-no when it comes to good screenshots. You should try to work off the rule of thirds.

His friend Joe rated him Winner

Thanks for the Help, I really just started today making these.
I was trying to create the illusion that the combine were running in, and the rebel had No Hope left, But the NPC’s were a Pain in the arse to animate, And I couldn’t find a good Animation tool :confused:

Whats the matter soldier, jealous of those super combine?

Really? A watermark?

yea man i am gona stel it is min lol

Translation: “Yeah man Im gonna steal it its fucking awesome lol”

Thanks Google translate.


Translation: This is a bland boring picture that no one in their right mind would steal.

Simple fix. Don’t use NPCS.

Pose them instead.

No hope for this picture

Thanks! Its Nice to have a fan or two :slight_smile:

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Totally not my first picture.

reminds me of my first pose haha

oh god its slender man