No HUD ~ ATI Radeon HD 4200

So, after a while my game loads and i am in the game. However, there is no HUD. My graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 4200. Pretty old but other Unity games run with no problems on it. I have the latest version of Unity and if anyone knows a fix than i would be much obliged.

What? You’re able to get in?

how did you get in is more important o.O

The game loads up, after the connecting to server, it puts me in the game straight away and I have no HUD. That’s what it used to do, now for some reason I can’t get in at all…

that is just a bug in-game atm mate,
If it keeps happening, just try reconnecting.

I too have been having a problem with no HUD appearing after logging in. I am still able to do everything but no HUD. Heard there was issues with Intel graphics, but I have a Raedon HD 6550D graphics and still no HUD.

I’m getting the same issue i have a AMD Radeon HD 6900 Card

updating drivers fixed my blackscreen problem

No one said anything about having a black screen problem, we are talking about having no HUD in game. I can see everything going on in game and am able to move around etc, yet no HUD.

I am having same issue I use ati hd 4600 have you been able to find a fix yet ?