No HUD for DarkRP

Hey there, Im trying to make a serious RP server with DarkRP, I was wondering if there was a way to create a hud with absolutely no content, Ive tried doing this and it either errored, or it restored to sandbox hud, thanks in advanced C:


You mean, you want a Hud which is not there ?

Like blank ?

Go into gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode/modules/hud

Open the cl_hud and past this Code on the bottom, to disable Sandbox HUD

function hidenorm(name)
    for k, v in pairs{"CHudHealth", "CHudBattery", "CHudAmmo", "CHudSecondaryAmmo"} do
        if name == v then return false end
return true
hook.Add("HUDShouldDraw", "hidedefhud", hidenorm)

Now go in your darkrpmodification folder, into the lua/darkrp_modules/hudreplacement open the .lua and paste the same code at the botom

Now the last step go into lua/darkp_config/ and open up disabled_defaults search for “Hud” set the value from “false” to “true”, restart your Server.

I think that should work :slight_smile:

What’s the point in the editing core files step? You only need it in one place and the darkrpmodification addon will work fine. Especially since you are disabling the core HUD in disabled_defaults.lua.