No HUD problem solution. (Notebook Case)


I have noticed that many people including me are having problems with Rust on the No HUD case.
I had this issue as well, as low FPS.
I got a solution for it. My machine is a Notebook Lenovo Y580 Which has two GPU`s one is the Intel 4000 HD and the second one is Nvidia GTX 660M. All i did was i went to the visual settings in Windows 7 and than to the Nvidia control panel. Than in the control panel i went to Managing 3d settings (I have the Polish version so) than i picked program settings and than i found the browser that i am using (Google Chrome) and told it to use the Nvidia GPU instead of the Intel one.
I hope this helps you guys, have fun playing. :slight_smile:


Worked for me, I love you.

What about us that only have an intel integrated graphics chip?

Does anyone know a way to do this with intel?

It probably doesn’t work. In which case we should cut our losses and wait until it’s supported.

I don’t think the errors on the intel chip will be fixed until we get a standalone. I think it’s just a problem with Unity Web Player.

If you have only the Intel HD 4000 GPU i am afraid you wont be able to play the game, see the HUD and will have terrible performance till they wont relese a fix.

Eyyy Y580 bro

Hey! Y580 is da beast.

It won’t let me change it?

I can not play with my intel GPU so now i am installing a mac “partitoin” and seeing if that will work

I downloaded the ORIGINAL nvidia drivers from the laptop website from the manufacturer. I was then able to switch chrome into using the nividia card in the profile manager. Nividia drivers from the nvidia website do not work well with some laptops.