No HUD??? Still?

I got Garrysmod fairly recently and have never had a HUD. Is there anything I can do about this?

I don’t know what your problem is. Maybe there is an option for a HUD to enable or disable it?
I’m not sure how else to help, sorry.

Then why did you post?

Try “cl_drawhud 1”

ok thanks ill try

It could be your resolution, go into options ->Video and change our revolution. it worked for me

Change our revolution?

try and type this in console

sv_cheats 1

hidehud 0

thanks guys. ill try those.


It still doesnt work. I can’t even use Wiremod because whenever I open the Spawn Menu, it takes away every menu on PcMod, WireMod, etc., and the HUD. PLEASE HELP I LOVE WIREMOD AND WANT TO USE IT!!!

anyone else?

Rename garrysmod/garrysmod folder? Kill all your add-ons except for the main once? SVN update Wire? Rage on Garry?

Are you running in window mode in a smaller resolution than the max?
Try maxing the resolution and use fullscreen mod.

If it doesn’t work I have no idea what you did with your Gmod.

hud is only available for roleplay servers that have darkrp or atomicrp ect…

Yaahhh dont do that
I contacted Garry a few years back…
hes not a very nice lil’ boy…

Good luck on your problem by the way! :smiley:

Are you stupid? You have a HUD in EVERY gamemode.

you have a HUD in every game lol

um i didnt screw with gmod


dude rim, that wasn’t even a good try. you’re dying dude just give it up

as for an answer to the question, I had the exact same problem on my last computer. All I had to do was turn up my resolution. Also if none of these work, you can always download a custom HUD from and that should work

Oh ok thanks man. But do I change my Garrysmod Resolution or my Computer’s Resolution?


OK, got a new HUD, that did’nt work…
I changed Garry’s Mod resolution, that did’nt work…
So now I should change my computer’s resolution, or what???

Well personally, I would start fiddling with the video settings. put everything to lowest, medium, high, highest and see if one of those work

On garrysmod?