Hey! I can only see the inventory when i start Rust up, then when i pick something up it goes from seeing the bar to the right of the inventory to only seeing the inventory. I can’t see my health, food, hunger cold or anything. What do i do to fix this? I have tried to update my graphic drivers and it doesn’t make any difference.

same here I use 4600 ati hd have you been able to fix your issue

Okay can I get a note of GPU’s that are having this issue. For some reason it doesn’t sound like a GPU issue but at the same time everyone is saying their ATI cards are having issues. Any Nvidia card users having this issue?

Same issue with Nvidia Geforce GT540M…

the way it appears to me is I can move in game I can see other players I can see invent wen I press I or tab I get a list of stuff to the right that I can scroll down includeing items like 9mm ammo gun powder things like that wen I press tab I get no option for options no crafting menu no hp bar is displayed no information like that just the environment no hud info what so ever
no other items such as that I can pick items up put in inv by dragging but realy all I can do is go collect stff and die wen I die the screen gose black and stays that way forcing me to reload web page to get back to life I checked out youtube and that’s wen I found out I am missing most of my hud but not all of it I am pretty sure this is to do with a bug in game I do not know I updated drivers no luck I uninstalled re installed unity no luck I try’d multiple browsers IE google crome and fire fox still same issue a lot of my planet side 2 faction members play the game say how good it is but I simply just can not experience it I am awear the game is still in dev stage and under a lot of testing so I expect bugs I just hope this perticuler problem can be addressed soon so I may experience the game to its full my g ard is an ATI radion HD 4600 series for your information :slight_smile: