No human could of done this. [Warning! Graphic.]



Could have?

omg its so grafic

uv scarred my brain

Seriously, though. This is pretty tame compared to most of the stuff in this section.

Oh no, a dismembered soldier. How saddening.

Jesus fuck look all that blood the bodies hiting the motherfucking floor jesus fucking shit butt christ this is the most disgusting pictures i mean jesus look at all that blood and bodies i pukin everywhere oh shit

Wait if no human could have done this… so are you saying you are not Human?

how did you get a chunk out of the riot cop dude?

he looks like somthing ripet out his stomach like brad from dearising

Oh my god, it s GRAPHIC

I don’t know, I think a human could probably do that.

Yeah as far as ‘things humans can do’ go that rates on the ‘moderately easy’ end of the scale.

Looks like a knife wound. Rest could be an explosive, with a trophy or turf mark on the wall.

the inside of his helmet is invisible. you should have probably touched that up when you were doing the dof effects

Is that a mutilated blow-up doll/love pillow?

Oh man, this is too graphic for me. I may have to file a report because it’s so graphic.


either I have the strangest stomach here, or this isn’t as graphic as you think.

I’ve seen graphic(er)

I remember Mosquito and PMnKy doing some pretty graphic shit.

The map is pretty dull, this could have been done pretty nicely in some other map with a more interesting background.

This is not graphic at all, the OP just reckons we’re all a bunch of sheltered babbies who can’t handle a bit of badly-edited gore.

Well, I guess does hold true for a lot of the people here, but still. :allears:

Who saw saw 3d now thats gore. The car scene.