"NO! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" A scientist about to be killed as Freeman fails to tele


He doesn’t look scared, he looks like he’s shitting himself, but not in the “i’m shit scared” way, just the he has lost bowel control way.

you would too if a headcrab zombie was about to devour your legs and inject a spine-disabling neurotoxin into you via the front vestigal limbs of the headcrab

But he doesn’t look scared, you’d be scared if you were about to do that, he looks like he’s jizzed in his pants, and shat himself at the same time.

You would too.

do you even understand what i’m saying?

The scientist’s nosebleed looks like orange highlighter.

I told you not to snort pens walter. it makes you hallucinate. now you’ll learn the consequneces

Idea is original but the execution is pretty bad.

The background that I assume was taken from HL:source/HL is well placed(low-poly obviously) but the lights, the weird blood stain there and the random lightnings behind Kleiner(Or are those “broken Glass” effect?) clutter the image and they are ugly.

Also low-res zombie and the faceposing on Kleiner is lolable.


I’m reading the responses and I think he is trolling.

Smashed glass.
Also get me a higher res HL1 zombie that doesn’t look like arse.


My mistake that was VMan. I’m afraid this was made around 2008. that’s why the faceposing’s bad. i just edited this/freeman one


Not to sound arsey but i think you need to find more trollmeters to repair yours.

The blood is bad.

Unsuccessful experiment

Why is everyone rating his posts dumb, the picture is okay and is not bad, why is everyone whining about it.

He hasn’t improved at all because he doesn’t listen to constructive criticism as you can see.


He made a joke out of the responses and you all rated him dumb, he didn’t say he didn’t care or wouldn’t change it, maybe he’s taking the response and will use it in the next image.

We rate him dumb because he is Deathbucket.

Deathbucket is dumb.

Oh hey, I noticed the connection between this and your other Freeman Teleport troll pose.

Well no shit he failed, he stepped right into the resonance beam. Why did he think that would teleport him?

Best screenshot ever

Deathbucket is the best troll the gmod section has ever seen.

Because i have a bucket of skulls. all with the brains removed


Freeman DID think alyx was attractive.


Indeedy-do it’s too bad i can’t be arsed to troll anymore