No impact on the world!


I was playing fine for a couple of days since getting a key on Friday and now since yesterday morning when I log in I can harvest wood from a tree for about 5 strikes then nothing is collected and there are no notices appearing. Chat freezes up and I seem to be invisible? I cant attack players, zombies or animals and they don’t seem to see me! I managed to collect enough wood by logging in over and over and was able to craft a shack, it appeared instantly but couldn’t be placed anywhere, oh and I can still die from hunger!
I have posted in the bugs forum under Flushi’s thread as he seemed to be having the same problem, I know its alpha and all but this is as boring as batshit! Not having an impact on the world is like being a ghost that can’t effect anything but still die from hunger, HELP!

Try clearing your cache and cookies. There seems to be problems with partially losing connection to the server without the game fully realizing you’re gone. It might be on the server end, and if so there’s nothing to do but wait.

Tried that when the problem 1st occured, just tried again and still the same. I have reinstalled unity, firefox, the game never worked for me on chrome or IE, I have tried nightly and waterfox, waterfox doesnt work with unity?
I am at a loss, its starting to freak me out!!

Sounds like a server issue. It happens, it sucks, it should be temporary.

And on the 3rd day Garry said unto Flushi and Virus, “You shall have an impact on my world, now stop whining and get crafting”!

In other words, its working again :dance:

Thanks for hearing me out dudes :downs:

I tried out Waterfox too and after some research the reason it wont work with unity is unity is 32 while waterfox is purely 64 so they aren’t compatible…

You have to install the 64-bit version of the Unity web player, that’s why.