No Interface/HUD Gone Fix for Laptops

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen a lot of you are experiencing problems with dissapearing interface on laptops. Here’s how to get rid of that.

If you’re sure that your drivers are updated, do the following.

VIDEO WITH PROOF(might be unavailable at the time of posting, still uploading):


  1. Make a shortcut to either Chrome or Firefox(those are the browsers Unity seems to work best with).

  2. Right click the shortcut.

  3. Now, select Run with a graphics processor(or something like that, it will be close to the top in the context menu) and select whichever is your dedicated graphics card(Mine is an Nvidia).


  1. Enjoy your Rust gameplay without graphical glitches!

Have fun!

this only works if you have a nvidia graphics card installed

If you have a Laptop with AMD Switchable Graphics, you can go into the BIOS, there should be a Command Line called “Switchable Graphics” set to “Dynamic”, switch it to “Fixed”, once you’ve done that you should be able to go into Catalyst Control Center and choose wether you want to use the integrated GPU or the AMD one.

still doesn’t work if you have integrated graphics, which is the main problem here

My bad then, I thought your post made reference to AMD. I’m surprise they still sell laptops with only those on board. Those graphic chips are mostly made for 2D Rendering and low quality 3D, also heat reduction.