No Jalopy sounds on a server I play?

There’s a pretty interesting new RP/Survival type server out, and the way you obtain items like weapons and health packs and vehicles is by spending ages gathering resources such as scrap, chemicals, and small parts in random places on the map.
After about 5 hours of countless farming, I finally got enough to create a Jalopy. However, my face literally turned upside down when I found out it had no sounds whatsoever.

Something like this happened to another server I played running DarkRP.

I know this must be a server-sided problem because the sounds work perfectly fine in singleplayer, but is there any advice I could give to this server owner to fix the problem?
Or is there at least a way to put the sounds back in play for just myself When I’m in the server? Having no vehicle sound is probably one of the most annoying things I’ve ever come across and would really like a sort of fix for it.

The jalopy from EP2? The server owner probably didn’t download the content for EP2 in that case (well, not all of it, anyway…).

Sounds are loaded clientside. The only explanation I can think of is that the server has edited the Jalopy. Either that, or a clientside problem. Considering it has happened twice, I would think it may be a clientside rather than serverside problem.

All the vehicles on the server are meant to hold a passenger, but I don’t think the server uses VU-Mod. That could maybe be an explanation for it, because that shows vehicles editing.

I just checked my directories in garrysmod for the “Junker” sounds, and they were all there. The server does have episode 2 mounted, because all of its props are there.

Is there another directory I should check and add the sounds to?

I asked several Other players on the server if they could hear the jalopy, they all said no.

K I have verified that nobody on the server can hear the Jalopy.