No-Lag Physics Testing

Just a quick video using Source Recorder.

GOD QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE MUSIC. Just mute it then. Oh, and I clearly stated I used Source Recorder so I don’t “fail”.

why the music

rendering for the win

but the music :I

how did you make gmod not even lag one bit
and why the music really.

How the fuck did you not lag at all? I lag if I spawn like 10 to 20 dressers

He probably lagged ingame at some point, but that’s the magic of the source recorder.

Source Recorder. :smile:

Music. :frown:


Source Recorder. :smile:

Music. :frown:

Woo, source recorder.

What’s that song? It’s interesting.

Source recorder removes lag. You fail.

The music is bad. There’s no real point to the video too

The video is nice.
The music is fail.

Reminds of the time when I detonated about 300 exploding barrels simultaneously. You have to crank host_timescale down to about 0.1 so Gmod doesn’t crash then render out through Source recorder and speed the video back up.