No Lag - Sleepers - PvP - Oxmin, Door Share, Private Messaging - Airdrops @ 20 - Local Backups Everyday

Looking for all types of players to join a newly made server with airdrops set to 20+ people.

The server as it stands has around 60~ players, on through the day and night due to time zones (156 profiles to be exact)

Majority of players are English speaking and admins (only 2) are willing to provide any advice. I myself am on most evenings as work during the day and would love to start a large community of diverse players.

As an admin, I will promise to never abuse my power as I mainly play this game to build magnificent structures – I’d also be willing to take suggestions on what to build i.e. raiding towns or pvp zones - More then happy to give building advice also.

If interested I am planning on keeping news/events posted on my twitter @nev_dod, I haven’t seen many admins doing this which is such a waste as I think communication is key.

Automatic backups of the server every 2 hours and a manual backup saved to my system every evening – and not planning on doing any wipes! – With the recent update the server was only down for minutes rather then hours.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the above, or if you just want to join a server where you’ll be helped on your way. Press F1 while on the server list and paste the following in:


Oxide Mods Installed:

  • Private Messaging
  • Door Share
  • Oxmin
  • Death Notice
  • Portals

Thanks for reading,


Steam: Acid1ty

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of nev_dod" - postal))

Worth a shot, on my way.

I’ll be back home about 7pm GMT due to work (unfortunately) but give me a shout after then and I’ll show you around and help you get set up.