"No, let him live" OpFor spares grieving solier


Any tips or suggestions would be good, I am new to posing :3

Also, Sorry about the title…i was spelling soldier :frowning:

This is fucking amazing

nice work man.

Image borke.

If you would’ve went lighter on the DoF or maybe focused on the soldiers in the foreground rather than the background, this would be a lot better. Otherwise, as is, it is still great, ESPECIALLY considering you’re new.

Reminds me of that picture from one of the world wars where a soldier found 2 enemy soldiers, one minutes from death, another trying to help him. And rather than shooting them both dead, the soldier gave the wounded enemy his flask of water. He stayed with them for a moment, told them he was sorry for this, and soon leaves them.


Ah, I saw that. That was an SS soldier giving his water to a dying Russian soldier. Pretty moving picture.

Oh and it was from World War 2.

It’s too bad that stuff like this that reminds you that soldiers are still human never happens anymore because the focus has been on dehumanizing and automating wars as much as possible lately.

Amazing, this picture can tell a entire story by itself

Pretty damn good, except I’d imagine the other way around because terrorists can’t shoot for shit anymore… and the faceless gas mask guy about to pull the trigger would make it more… dehumanizing as Kuro put it, for lack of a better word. You don’t see the person behind the mask emotionally and physically.

Nice pic