No light no light in your bright blue eyes

Oh god I’m addicted to scenebuilding

Iz koo’.

Here’s an overview

Small but very good scenebuild!

Great scenebuild

Really aweosme-is that a Samurai or…?

Its an argonian, AKA the lizard people in the elder scrolls series.

Wow man, that’s a really nice scenebuild. Is that a map or just multiple mountains from skyrim?

I think that would fit:

Love that scenbuild.

Multiple mountains from Norpo’s scenebuilding stuff

Alright, thanks!

Oh and before I forget, let me say that the screenshot was really good to.

Ahh, couldn’t tell the head shape in the dark.

First, may I say awesome-tastic screenshot, love the scenebuild.


Where did you get the foliage/house from Skyrim?