no limits for view v2

i got my script to work thanks to CapsAdmin
thank you caps :smiley:

local x = 0 – local x and y we used for mouse
local y = 0
local DRBUG = false – is we drbugn?
hook.Add(“CreateMove”, “topsytervy”, function(ucmd)

local ply = LocalPlayer()-- this is us
local sensitivity = 50
x = x + (ucmd:GetMouseX() / (ply:GetInfo("sensitivity") * ply:GetInfo("m_yaw") < 0 and -sensitivity or sensitivity))
y = y + (ucmd:GetMouseY() / (ply:GetInfo("sensitivity") * ply:GetInfo("m_pitch") < 0 and -sensitivity or sensitivity))
if (DRBUG) then
	ply:ChatPrint(y)-- print the value of y to the cliant chat
end--end the debug check
y = math.Clamp(y,-1,361) --this limits the view
if y <= 0 then-- the angle wont go over or under 360, well ok maby a positive float or negative float but meh this works the best
	y = y + 360
elseif y >= 360 then
	y = y - 360
if y <= 270 and y >= 90 then-- reverse the x axsis or not
end-- end the upside down rightside up if statement

end)-- end the hook called on create move

um, what exactly does this do?

I think it removes Roll Restrictions, I.E. you can look down all the way til you are facing backwards…but theres at least one easier way to do this its just it has side effects.

idk i just figured out how to make it so that when your upside down the mouse x axis isn’t reversed