NO LOAD SERVERS // WestCOast and cd key?

When are the servers going to be fixed, the FPS lagg is insane.

If your screen sit’s with the little ‘’ smiley face’’ and it’s just grey, wait for it to ask for an ‘‘error loading’’ and then click ‘‘NO’’ to let it keep running, YOU GAME WILL LAUNCH, but it’s so laggy right now you might want to avoid.

West coast servers are completely unplayable? And thats why their empty??

also, 5 keys per hour, yikes!!! cmon! getting a copy right noww seems IMPOSSIBLE, what a slick move into getting 30/40 purchases of the game :P, but man i hope you at least go back to ten sometime, consdiering people are battling internationally for these key’s 5ph hurts lol!

all in all, loving everything so far, just fix our game and unity!

You sound whiney and bitchy.

Some servers are down for whatever reason.

The FPS doesn’t make it unplayable, just not smooth (at all).

The game’s average price is 30/40. If you can’t afford it you might wanna spend more time working less time playing video games.

I don’t think you need to demand “fix our game” when you bought it to test it for times like these. They now know there is an FPS issue, so they will definitely look into it.

lmao Scipio shut up and stop kissing ass …that games not 30/40$ that’s your delusional take on what YOU feel it’s worth, and i’m a well known beta/alpha tester for many games, and I don’t support not one game out there over 30 or 40$, Sorry garry you don’t get the ‘‘special treatment’’. Thats the same bs, the major companies would pull, and I’m a big supporter of the Dutch Auction. Dropping from 10 to 5 was a bold move for more funding, regardless what any inexp like you claims… or thinks of my opinion, don’t agree? drink bleach. They knew already instated testers are itching for key’s for expand their experience with friends…I know what value you is, YOUR not the one to tell me. Blow your money all you want rich boy.

Also, servers are down yes, how about letting us know why? Again poor communication, and I’m not the kind pleased with a half ass screenshot and ‘‘we’re working on it’’. You want information/feedback and i guess it was given. Whether people like YOU liked it or not. Half the world was playable half was not.

The FPS doesn’t make it unplayable**, just not smooth (at all). **, What? ok, aside from unity… and blending of textures you basically just forced more into the engine in attempt to optimize those new and improved ‘’ mountains’’…maybe a little more before turning this into chop sewy… eh?

But, your Scipio the almighty, calling my very ‘‘stand up’’ opinion ‘‘whiney and bitchey’’ If you dont like how my FB is given then step off.

thats your history, and diving through it time 2 time you find some asshat patronizing people cause it gives him an eboner… and makes him feel special. People like you honestly can be quite toxic to the community at times… asinine really. Sometimes it’s best for you to shut the fuck up. kthx

HOPE i see you around scipio

I ALSO somewhat mentioned a little ‘‘fix’’ to ‘‘play your game’’… after the unity patch was completely wonkers…

what fix? Link pls