No Luck, No Rust. How much of your life and money did you spend to get your Beta key?

I got home at 11:30 pm, I got bored about 5:00 am, I went to and seen this :
But there was no way I was going to buy a key for $130 at 5:00 am and $110.00 at 7:00 am.
I get up at 2:00 pm. KEYS ARE SOLD OUT WTF?! The price would of been $40.00,
Who the heck buys a beta key for $40 when the game isn’t finished yet?
To me this game is only worth the same as Minecraft, which is $20 for the PC.

I want to know : How much you bought your key for?

People who are extremely eager to be alpha testers, I guess.

I spent $0 on my key. Guess it pays to get in early.

this is what i did

Or extremely eager to spend mommy and daddy’s money so they can go on Rust and play hacker.

I don’t think we can group all users into the honorable category of “alpha tester”. It would be interesting to assess how many users (as a percentage) actually contribute and provide feedback as opposed to those who simply play. I guess now that they’re paying customers, you can’t do shit about it.

EDIT: Regarding the price, I’ll have to wait until keys hit my valuation of $4.00 CDN. Supposedly the auction resets at $0.50… perhaps I can get a discount.

Like 10 minutes.
Playing rust itself is less enjoyable than drawing the drawing I did was.

So should i wait until they have a fix price or get it for 20$ once it reached that price (and if theres still keys available)?

no no no the keys were sold out by the time i got up and checked the site, which would of been $40, the lowest it can go is $0.50, or 50 cents before resetting, and you would have less than a minuet to load paypal and buy it.

Well, lets hope we all get better luck tomorrow. I wish everyone can just wait till we get to 20 or 30$ :confused:

Taking a poop was more enjoyable than my experience than Rust.

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Now, I admit, it was a good poop, but my point still stands.

this is not much different than those who back a kickstarter project to get access to a early version of the game and if you read the details you dont only get the alpha but also everything up until and including the final product. i think it is an awesome idea. i cant count how many posts i have read that people have begged for a key or asked for them to be sold so they may play and when Gary finally does people complain that it isnt what they wanted. its a shame really. alpha version are not a right but a privilege and if you dont want to buy your access then you always have the option to wait or find it by other means.

Got my key in January, spent 0 hours (to find the key, not the hours spent playing) and $0 on it.

I don’t understand why there are so many people flocking for a key.

Mincecraft + DayZ babbies.

Ok i payed this much $0 i registered when it came out

I got one in the first batches of keys when I randomly saw the thread pop up that came out when there were like 10/20 tops playing at one time. It didn’t run on my pc so I never played it.

Im sorry, has nothing to do with thread but, does rust run on a macbook pro 13"?

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I love this, they literally took my idea right from one of my first posts about the money they could be making daily.

10k already

Got my key in February for $0 dollars and spent a total of 2 hours on.

This infuriates me.

But yeah, could we not buy keys @ 50+ Dollars guys. I tried to get one at 30 dollars last night, but… fucking hell it was all sold out. 100 people bought keys yesterday. AT LEAST 25% bought at the 70+ pricing. WHO THE FUCK HAS ENOUGH MONEY FOR THIS SHIT? LITTLE 12 YEAR OLD SHITS WITH MAMA PAPA MONEY?

i got my key for free and played 10 minutes, i dont understand how people can actually pay money for this lol