"No man, I'm not seeing anything."


I like the atmosphere and depth of field, nice posing.

Flashlight looks a bit strong considering this is during the day.

that skeleton looks hella weird

where them swat from?

Damn that chick on the floor has serious anorexia! I love the dead guy in the car, plus the atmosphere os teing me some shit is about to go down.

What map was this on?

Nice atmosphere.

Nice !

The GIGN models from MW3, they’re somewhere in the model section.

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why are GIGN speaking english :o?

Because I didn’t want the title to be “HUHN HUHN BAGUETTES HUHN HUHNNNNN”

That would’ve been better :(… hunter you big dum

That could be just : “Non mec, je ne vois rien du tout”…

Nice, i like it!