No Man Left Behind (Soldier Being Rescued)

Removed the blood.

Everything is good excep tthe blood.

Yeah that’s why i didn’t add to much of it but i wanted some in there matter it if looked good or not.

Fuck now it’s bugging me GOODBYE BLOOD.

Should have gone without the blood. A limb wound is easily treated on the field.

And there we go.

I’m not gonna say a thing about the blood because I presume you’re fixing it right now.

Nice posing and DoF.

needs to be sharper

Did you use lots of blood brushes or something similar for the dust? You should probably use cloud brushes on really low opacity. That said, the blood brushes work quite well at the bottom, nearer the feet.

Great posing and atmosphere but, as bodenlan mentioned, the combination of motion blur on the foreground and depth-of-field on the background does make things rather blurry… but strangely it works okay.

Nice work overall.

nice picture, but the foot of the soldier on the left looks too bended

I fucking love it

This looks pretty good.

Thank you, I made it somewhat blurry to make it look like they are rushing to save their friend etc.

Thank y’all .

Guy on the left, his leg is a wee bit strange, but overall, pretty awesome! :smiley:

moar bullets being shot.

I find the model choice to be ironic.
But nice image.