No Maps or addons are showing up..

I downloaded a few maps and car adds last night and for some reason when I start Up Gmod none of the thing I downloaded show up. Also the water on the construct map Is just not showing up.

Did you move them into the appropriate folder in your GMod folder?

My Computer -> C Drive -> Program Files -> Steam -> Steamapps -> <Your Username> -> garrysmod -> garrysmod -> addons or maps, I believe.

My line might be a little messed up, did it from memory, but that’s about it.

Yeah I followed all the instructions with them… I dont know whats wrong out of no where all the maps I put up just disappeared the only add that are showing up for some reason are some weapon adds I put in ages ago

The reason for that is because not everything you download is in addon format. If you DL a map, just place the .bsp file in garrysmod/maps.

I’ll give you a tip, open the DL in WinRaR, and then open the first folder you see. If it has an addoninfo.txt, go up one level and place that folder in garrysmod addons. If it doesn’t have the .txt file, look for a group of folders that might be named something like lua, models, or materials and place them in garrysmod/garrysmod. Accept when it asks if you want to merge folders.