No materials folder!

Here’s the deal:

Im trying to re-skin my physcannon. But when i open the materials folder, it just contais a folder named console. Nothing else. I just re-installed the game because it tought that would make a difference, but no it didn’t.

Somenome with the same problem? Please help me.

Get GCFScape.

Get GCFScape.
Open up “garrysmod content.gcf” with it, this file is located in your steamapps folder.
Search for “physgun”.
You will find the VTF and the VMT, If you do not know what those files are and how to open them follow this thread.

Thank you! Much appriciated. :smiley:


Hmm, maybe I was too fast there. It seems like I don’t have the files at all!
I was searching for them but didn’t find them. Hmm, maybe they could be hided? How can I unhide them if so?

But I see no reason for them to be hided. At least I haven’t hide them. =/