No matter what you do or did in your life, this guy has already done it 30 times better.'s%20Mod%202011/No%20matter.jpg

Just for fun. Because I can.


Yup. I replaced the eyes tough.

So say, he got shot, would it create some sort of space-time continium paradox?

He has a golden AK-47. He just can’t be shot.

Dat shit’s cash

stunt’n on bitches all day erry day

No, he’d shrug it off, pick the bullet out, put it in HIS gun, and fire it back at them.

Yes i know its not possible but he would make it happen.

Very cool, more dods poses please.

Yo guys what’s up with DoDS poses? It’s like some of you masturbate to them. :V

Because I do.

Cool, but he ain’t got shit on Wombossi.

So if I raised my hand, what would this guy have done?

Raised his hand and shouted “BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!” “I HAVE THE POWER!”

If this guy raises his hand, some people die in a desert with a bullet in the neck.

I workout.
AH! Beat that fatso!

Hey ! Ça change de d’habitude mais c’est réussi :wink:

Hey ! It changes the usual but successful.


Also, reminds me of the Mercenaries 2, great job.