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How do I fix this? I tried verifying game cache on steam and that didn’t help.

First off, what’s your graphics card? I had this problem before.

Ati hd 4670

That’s good.

Um, okay. How did you fix the problem?

I bought a new graphics card.


try reinstalling gfx drivers? or maybe renaming the “garrysmod” folder in steamapps … that usually sorts out most problems, if not, no idea.

I’m just going to reinstall garry’s mod.

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This is unfixable. I’m not buying a new graphics card.

I can still select stuff but no text appears at all.

Can you open the console and see if there’s anything up?

Is the game running in windowed mode? or is there any startup commands added?

-w 1360 -h 768 -windowed

why, do these mess it up?

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Tried -fullscreen -w 1360 -h 768 and that didn’t work.

try launching it without any commands.