No Mercy - 4th map being ported to Garry's Mod.

Yep, that’s right, i’m currently porting the hospital. But listen boys, do not even ask me to do the other No Mercy maps.

[ul]To do list[/ul]
Weird decals
Random 1234 textures (seems like Valve mappers didn’t know what’s an area_portal)
Fix random nodraws
Get ride of those buggish ropes

Should be released very soon.

Most of those are related to the map using incorrect materials.

By the way, are you porting the models and textures yourself or are you using my Complete Model Pack (which includes the textures)?

How do you port a model from the source engine to the source engine?

Ported them by myself. Also, i checked the textures, there is absolutly no reason it wouldn’t work, since the same texture works somewhere else.
I think it’s a leak, gotta try to explore the map a bit more.

L4D uses a different .vtx system.

L4D has a Source engine more advanced than Gmod.

Such things like phong on materials that look good in L4D will look extremely reflective & shiny in gmod, etc