No mesh in 3DS after compiling in Studio Compiler

I am still pretty new to this, but when I am compiling a GMOD ragdoll (currently a Velociraptor ) the mesh cannot be imported to 3DSmax, only the bones.

However with the skyrim pack it worked perfectly with the dragons.

I might be silly with how all these programs works together or it might be something with the Studio Compiler, or the model I am working with. Here’s a picture how it looks like when importing 80% of the models:

There’s only a few models which has a mesh.

Any help with this would be really appreciated! I am trying to make several idle/walking animations for dinosaur/pokemon models for upcoming SFM projects :slight_smile:

My best guess is - you didn’t apply the materials before exporting. When you exported the model you probably had an error like

Warning material XYZ does not include a bitmap (or something like that)

Hmm by materials you mean texture? Cause I did that and still it didn’t work. If it helps; the models with the name “ragdoll.smd” didn’t have a mesh but the ones with specific names like “raptor.smd” had a mesh.

Could you describe in detail what you’re doing? I’m honeslty not sure if you’re reimporting models, importing decompiled models or something else entirely.

Aah well I basicaly have no idea how all this work but… I usually decompile them to get the SMD files, so I cna use them in 3DS. If I don’t decompile, I cannot open them models in 3DSmax. Probably I am doing something terribly wrong, but I asked people on a different thread how the Studio Compiler worked and then a small flamewar started so I really didn’t get a concrete answer :s