No messenger box

Hi al. My computer w/ vista had an virus wich a can’t remove, so i decided to put windows 7 RC on it. Now i Have W7RC and installed steam succesfully. i installed garry (first i installed hl2+css) then i went to singeplayer. AND NO MESSENGER BOX! You know, the little ‘screen’ where you can see what everybody says. ITS JUST NOT THERE!. Anyway to fix this? It also appears on multiplayer, but in some multiplayer server i DO have it, but that 1/10.
PLEASE help!
Thank U

This guy has same problem. im running@ 1280x1024 btw

Its not supposed to show up in Single player

Computer specs. Friend had a problem that was hardware related.

It also appears in multiplayer dude! Ot only shows up in some servers maybe 1 out of 20.
CPU E8400 Stock
GPU Ati Radeon HD4870
PSU 520w
Mobo Asus P5Qpro
Case Antec 900
HD Samsung Spinpoint F1 640GB

My system can easely run it, and i t appeared, after i re/installed garry. The time before that, same system, i always had the message box