No more beta keys?

I know people have been looking everywhere to get a beta key. Im guessing theres no more ways to get one. so do I should wait to purchase this? or are people selling keys?

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Beta keys are given out from time to time in teh gold member forum section… Which you need gold member for. Which is $10. But be aware that they get taken within a matter of minutes.

Alright man thanks! I’ll make sure to try to upgrade .

My guess is don’t buy a gold cuz you only get a chance to get a key. But u can still try your luck if u want to!

Buying gold will increase your chances of getting a key in the gold member forum. You can still however try to grab a key on Garry’s or Rust’s twitter. They occasionally post keys. But careful, if you arent fast enough someone will have already created an account with it

Holy fuck you people are amazing at being stupid.

Please Zeb. Explain your reasoning behind the statement of our “stupidity.”

Not stupid, but we are desperate for getting one

dont buy gold for a rust key…

Coming from the guy who did… Actually there could be other reasons to upgrading though.

didn’t actually buy gold for a rust key, the forums over there are awesome… much cleaner than these

Seeing that I’m fairly new. What are the benefits of gold? (I know this is somewhere in the face punch forums but I’m not spending my time searching :l)


There is a FAQ and a thread detailing how it’s impossible to get keys at the moment, but no, these fucking threads still get posted.

Did you all really miss the big yellow thread on the top of the Rust section?