No more bonus items ?

Reached 56 items in the Inventor and do not get more in the past three days…

same here except my inventory contains only 10 items

what r u talking about? :pwn:

We are referring to random skin drops

sell it?

They still drop, just way way way slower than before.

I haven’t got a skin drop in ages.

They sure do drop 4 of my last 5 have been the red balaclava.

I have 11 black long tshirts… not sure what to do with them… maybe making a bed…

Sell them. You only get a couple cents a piece, but eh, still more than nothing

Rust needs trade up contracts and more skins. But the player base is too big and heavy for the devs modest pace.

That wasn’t a complaint, the frequent updates are more than acceptable, just, so many players.

Rust needs more actual content and updates instead of side merch. I’m sure they’ll add much more stuff for players to collect and trade, but right now I’m sure they have priorities somewhere completely different