No more CSS in hammer?

This probably has been posted. Really sorry if it has.

I went into Hammer for CSS and this weird error popped up saying something with the Game Configurations when I try to create a new map. So I just reset the game configurations and now under Source Engine 2006 is only HL2:DM. What happened? I’m guessing I missed some sorta update. I want to try at making a Deathrun map for Gmod but the only game I know that has the info_player_terrorist and info_player_counterterrorist is obvious CSS. So what can I do?

CS:S is on source engine 2009.

Please, take at least three seconds to look at previous threads before you post. There’s already been over five threads over this issue, use common sense to fix it.

Refer to this thread:, got it working but no textures yet though…

Just add a game configuration. Jeez

How hard is it for people to click on “Source Engine: 2009”? I mean seriously, it’s common sense. They should just make it, “Source Engine: 2009 COUNTER STRIKE SOURCE GUYS.” /End of rant.

No they shouldn’t.

Actually Counter-Strike: Source wasn’t listed in there.
Sorry, you guys didn’t need to get all pissy.

Common sense.

Open Source SDK, set to ‘Source Engine 2009’, Open ‘Edit game configurations’, Add one named “Counter Strike: Source”, Navigate directory to the ‘cstrike’ folder, press OK.

It should auto-configure.

Click refresh content, then click reset game configs.