No More Demolishing

Just stop screwing with the game.

There is no reason to remove this. You can have multiple tool cupboards within your house, there is really no issue here. When demolishing something, make it do it slowly. As a fix, if the players house still has a toolcupboard attached somewhere else, make it so someone else cannot pull it down until they are all gone.

This game seems to be one step forward, two steps back every month.

All this will achieve is push everyone to modded servers with a remove command. How are you meant to expand your house? Start again? I don’t think so some how.

Agreed removing demolishing because 'tards place their cupboards in the obvious spots of the house are to blame.


What’s so funny about it? These are mechanics that don’t need to be messed with/removed.

Agreed this is the stupidest thing ever loads of peeps stuck in their base as well

its no big deal if your a server admin

server abuse i see lol

We’re in alpha. All mechanics can be messed with/removed. They’ve been trying to solve the basic problems here forever, and there’s no easy fix. Let them try this out for a while before you throw your tantrum, yeah?

We already have tried it. Its called legacy

because giving feedback isn’t apart of the alpha process

Well, I am a fan on the idea to allow putting code locks on cupboards instead :slight_smile:

Problem is. Rust is half survival half building simulator. How do you expand your building? How do you stop idiots building on it?

Do we really want these massive pillar bases again? Thats what your going to get

I find it funny your argument against this is “Hey you can just build a whole mess of “fake” cupboards.”
The fact you have had to do this to stop people from tearing down your home in the first place proves it needs to go.

The tool cupboard was all about ownership to prevent people from building on to your house. This has been mitigated. The demolish was just a “nice to have” feature.

Sure it is – but being a twit doesn’t aid in that process. “Stop screwing with the game,” when it’s in development, is kind of dumb.

Besides, this isn’t the same situation as Legacy. Building is massively different, and it’s clear they’re going to be doing more work on those systems.

Read above

Main argument is expanding your house and stopping pillar bases

Alright, so if we’re sticking to the legacy paradigm, you couldn’t expand your house in Legacy? I never had any issues. Maybe you lack creativity. And in regards to pillar-bases, is that a significant enough concern when weighted against the abuse of the cupboard system?

Depends how much you played. I ran some huge servers.

It’s not about lacking creativity. When you initially start in rust, you need to get some small base up fast to protect your shit. After that, you want to expand. Now you can’t. It’s wasted time and resource.

Pillar bases were everywhere, on every server. You get a popular server with these massive bases, you’d have to wipe them as they degraded the server so much.

As server admins, every 5 minutes it was “infused, can you come here and remove something?” All the time. My admins got sick of it, so we went moded and used the remove tools.

It shouldn’t have to be this way. Like I said, we’ve been here, that system is shit.

Why do you need such a massive house? Once it is built, that is kind of it. Maybe we should plan better?

I think the solution to stopping people from building onto your house is not letting people carry an entire house in their backpack.

I mean honestly a lot of people look at the problems in terms of Legacy and how it was played. Rust is no longer the same game. Once there is a slower progression where regular wood walls will work for a few days before you need stone. Stone works for a few days before you need metal. Metal works for a few months before you need plate armor. It will be so much better.

Clans, friends… that’s why.

We had 10 people living in our house. That’s why it was so fun.

We still got smashed in to with c4 etc. We couldn’t always be on 24/7, so it’s not like you’re invincible.

Progression from legacy to experimental is the same. We’ve played it through to test. Infact, it’s almost identical to how legacy plays apart from visuals and some tools/weapons.

I for one completely agree with infusednz.

This is simply not the way to go about it. I literally don’t have a clue why the devs are making these weird moves with their cupboards and all that stuff. Have they not learned from Legacy at all?

InfusedNZ says it feels like every patch it’s one step forward two steps backwards and that’s EXACTLY how I feel about it.

No, I don’t have the perfect solution, but the system right now feels clunky and works like crap in my opinion.

Honestly I’d be incredibly happy if they’d just use the Legacy building system as foundation, code it right, iterate from there and see where that brings them and how they can improve on it, I think that’s a way more logical approach.