No More Heroes 2 Travis Touchdown

I would love to have Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle. It’s a huge improvement over the 1st games Travis Touchdown model. If only we can get him into gmod this time without the drama.


Can’t you WAIT for it to be relea-

Wait a second…

Dammit how did I miss that?

Oh hey, I was just about to request this too.


Well, here’s a few extra images anyway;

And we can’t really go without Shinobu and Henry right?


I think some of the assassins would be awesome too

Skelter Helter

Nathan Copeland

Someone already made a TT model. I’ll hex it and upload it somewhere.

Won’t download.



Requires a legal copy of TF2.


All Travis Touchdowns that have already been released are of poor quality. They lack the proper face, finger, and eye posing.

How the hell do you “know” it’s broken? You didn’t download it. It says 0 downloads.

And when I tested it, it worked fine.

I’ve gone through every single version of Travis. Unless this one’s purely brand new, then I’ve tried it. No face posing, no finger posing, and no eye posing.

Mario’s had mediocre rigging and only one facial flex. It also had no finger posing, and the worst quality smoothing.


Or, at least, pretty horrible smoothing.

He may not have been good but he was the only one that was close to finishing porting the first games models becuase of that little argument you had with him it’s not gonna happen

You are right, the smoothing was very bad and he could only smile. But I think he rigged that model pretty well. You could even move every part of his jacket.

Oh yeah, it’s all my fault.


You do remember that we’re talking about Mariokart64n, right?


Well, according to some experienced riggers, that was a quick job that most riggers could do.

Any progress one this at all?

Well if nobody is doing Travis can someone at least do something with these?

Already been done.
Look for the ‘Jason’s something or other hexed release thread’.

Ok so where are they then? Because I sure don’t see them there.

Next time don’t make things up unless it’s true.

What the hell are you talking about, its on the first page of RELEASED semi. Quit being such a dumb douche bag and go check for yourself. Its also a spy skin for tf2.

Ok NOW I see them. Maybe if it said that those weapons were there I wouldn’t have missed them the first time I checked. Also there was no need to say that in SUCH AN OMG SO ANGRY way. I’ll admit my comment was a bit rude but theres no excuse for yours kid.

Don’t call me a ‘kid’. You’re comment made you sound like a big asshole. It also sounded as you didn’t even spend an effort of an extended 5 minutes to recheck the thread.

As if your comments are any better? Do me a favor and stop freaking out about it, I even admitted it was rude. Also forgive me for not being able to see those weapons in such a tiny tiny thumbnail right away.

You two need to stop flaming. I hexed this and since it was “broken” I figured no one wanted it. So I deleted it.