No More Heroes models

I know that mariokart64 were making those models bur now he has gonne…at the moment I want only Travis.
I have Travis in a obj file

I agree, I too would love to see Travis.

Hey, Sebitsu, you got his Beam Katana too?

No because I don’t know how to rip models and I don’t have the game.I was searching at mariokart64’s msn page and I found Travis.

Too bad, but just Travis is good too. Someone could always make the Beam Katana.


This is already being worked on.

Yeah, but by who? Mariokart64n is gone.

Must have gotten tired of the begging.

Anyways I have a nude model and bikini of Sylvia Christel from the Wii version. This is the 3rd time I’m using these pictures.

I also have this thing with procrastination and not putting effort into anything because I don’t think anyone is going to give a fuck. So who wants them ported?

smacks a buzzer on a table and rings it as hard as he can


Port Travis too, if you can.

Question; Do they finger/face/eye posing?

I have no damn idea how to face/eye pose but I’ll learn.

Mariokart’s supposed to have a tutorial on how to do faceposing. Failing at that, you could also simply hand the model over to someone who knows how to do it already. Kind of a win-win this way: You get it done well by someone who knows how to do it, and they can get recognition for helping out with it.

Also, I too would like to get that model. :slight_smile:

Wow awesome photos,hoe did you did them?
Also here you have mariokart64’s tutorials
In the summer I’ll try to learn.English is not my first languaje and mariokart64’s tutorials are in english so It will be difficult.
However the tutorials are in video,so I will follow it only watching the video.

Well shit, if you already have her rigged, then it shouldn’t take any time at all to get her into Gmod. Just make a physics mesh, define the joint rotation limits, prep the textures, then there ya go! You can always add flexes later.

Yeah but everyone wants faceposing and eyeposing and fingerposing. I can’t do that right now so I gotta find tutorials for it elsewhere.

Oh and by the way it’s not even rigged. I’m doing that today.

Well, good luck, I’m looking forward to this, and thanks for taking it up. If you need help, I’d recommend getting in touch with Medrop, Luigimario, Glaber, etc. I’m sure they’d help if you asked them.

Travis is secondary nao , priorities order has been changed :smiley:

Priorities has NOT been changed. As hot as she is, Travis is much more needed.

i beg to differ , anyway , i need both for the comic i wanna make , so , ill wait for both models.
still the nude silvia one seems to be the most interesting one so far , so yeah dude , hurry up w that one.
also , if someone could point me to an esaier tutorial i could try to rip some models as i have a wii and the game

any updates?

Oh god this? Uhh yeah I’ve been busy with other personal family problems. Halfway rigged.