No more left 4 dead 2?

I can’t see left 4 dead 2 in the game list to integrate to Gmod

Is it a bug or Left 4 dead 2 isn’t supported anymore?

Never has been in the list.

It was because I used them props once!

I think I remember L4D2 being mountable in a custom hard-coded module (gm_mount2 or something). GMod13 for sure never had mountable L4D2 content, not even in the beta.

it was defiantly mountable

It’s all broken, dude.

Thankfully… I no longer have to worry about it.

I don’t see any of the l4d2 props

It was mountable in gm10 and i’m not sure, but possibly in early beta of 13 (when you could get beta key only from garrysmodcom and only limited number of keys were given).
Yeah, I don’t need this anymore, because I’ve unpacked .vpk files and made an addon. But it’s uncomfortable because all files are in one folder and I have to scroll through tons of ragdolls before I get to foliage or mall props.

Well… I hope Garry will fix it as well as he already fixed portal 2.