No More Room in Hell - Recruiting Character Modelers

Hi there!

Over at we’re looking to pick up a couple of talented character artist/modelers for our next release.
This is the #1 MP HL2 game on ModDb.

I’m the lead Sound Designer for the mod and I work on the project purely for portfolio reasons and for the love of the game.

If anyone is interested then you can added me on Steam here:

Thanks guys,


Hope you find someone. Brilliant game by the way and it was the first game I saw on greenlight (before it was actually greenlit). Good luck on the game and can’t wait to see it on steam!

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I love this gamemode, but unfortunately I have no knowledge in modelling. I would’ve loved to work with you guys if I had taken that road. Im more of a hobby mapper.

I would help, but I only know how to texture things or hack models that already exist. Hope you find someone! Also, let Eny0(ThoughT) I said hi.

I really want to see 1.07 release! I hope you guys can make it on Steam soon!

I wish I had skills, the modding community seem to need a fair few character modellers and I really hope I can fill that sometime :v:

But not now.

Like, 6 people responded saying they would love to help but can’t

My post isn’t different, but really guys?

I’m sorry, didn’t know we weren’t allowed to say that it’s a great mod and would like to be able to help.