No more wiremod pack on

I was searching up wiremod on because I reinstalled garrysmod due to it’s lagginess, so I wanted wiremod back. But when I searched up wiremod, I couldn’t find anything that was wiremod. So if anyone knows where to find wiremod, please tell me. I used to have it before I reinstalled gmod, but I lost it :frowning:

Get it from if you can’t do SVNs

yeah i noticed that, kinda inconvienced me… do as Mr. Biscut up there says =)

Okay thank you. I have tried before but it said it was taking 10 hours and I wasn’t going to wait that long. I want a place where I can get it fast, I’ll check out that thing, Spacewolf.


That didn’t bring anything up about the right wiremod.

SVN isn’t even hard, why does nobody have any computing knowledge these days?

The 10 hour thing is until the next checkout which is automatically done, otherwise you just hit download.