No more zombies

Maurino Berry moved the card Remove zombies to Doing on rust

They’re actually removing it.

I personally don’t like the idea of having human (bandits) NPCs in game, there are already players who does that. I think that mutated animals (Garry will probably follow this line, based on his blog posts) or “bizarre” creatures would be way better. Maybe based on habitat, some creatures would be only found on high spots and mountains, while others only in forests, etc. Some of them only being seeing at night. This way the environment would be way more interessant and dangerous, leaving people to think twice before leaving without proper weapons and stuff.

And you guys, what do you think will replace zombies? What would you like to see in their place?

I would prefer anything over zombies, Bandits will work nicely in my opinion.
Zombies always feels like such an easy way out … “We need aggressive npc … hmmm”

Zombie? Bad idea. Bandits? No thanks, we have enough ATM.
What if we made some kind of protected town? Like a town that is protected by guard NPC’s.
By killing the guards you are able to get some goodies, but after you get them all you get better goodies inside the town. This will give the chance for players not just to fight each other for goods but fight the guards to get items from the town itself.

I like the zombies. Perhaps improve them? I mean, there is radiation…Which could have make the zombies…

Maybe perhaps, add more? Like Quicksand? Swamp like and other dangerous environments?

They want to remove zombies not upgrade them.

How about some sort of mutated monsters would be cool but not over exaggerated with the monster effect maybe they would be humans but just mutated that can rust faster than you in some terrains and maybe they would have different ones for each terrain.

I thought they would implement some aggressive creatures that have mutated beyond comprehension.

I would prefer no NPC’s at all. At the beginning wild animals and zombies can be a threat but after an hour or two of play they just become annoying but not threatening anymore.

As someone who came to the game because it was a hardcore zombie survival game, removing zombies will make the game a little less fun. Unless you’re just starting out bears / wolves pose no threat, but even in full Kevlar with an M4 a couple zombies can still occasionally catch you by surprise if you aren’t aware of your surroundings. Sure we can replace them with “X” but I prefer zombies, I came for zombies. I can play a million and one FPS games that offer co-op in them but when it comes to that I’d choose Left 4 Dead over some other title, similar thing with Rust. I could go play DayZ Epoch if I wanted base building, zombies and pvp.

Wow you must have a fetish for walking dead people. You need to think that this is only a survival post apocalyptic pvp, they never implemented zombies and never will. Have played games like games like stalker, metro 2033? They’re interesting and aimed at what rust is like. Mutants, creatures that have developed something bad etc would make rust a lot more interesting rather then this simplicity of a zombie.

If they remove zombies and make weapons more rare this will be the game I’ve been waiting for more then 6 years.

That’s the goal that this game should target actually. A world like Metro 2033 would be an amazing idea. They should make the surface of the world a nightmare and allow underground building.