Okay as a few of you may know, a recent Gmod update caused many servers to display a teamfortress 2 defualt MOTD. I searched for the cure for this and found a site saying to simply remove that motd file. I backed it up, and tried my server. It was then a CSS MOTD or something of that sort. Long story short, I removed the MOTD file from every source game that had one (backed them all up) and left it so it should just be gmod with my ULX MOTD. However, nothing comes up now. I even went into the ULX menu and hit the MOTD button and nothing happens. Why is this so fail?

As a temporary fix, I put the text from my ULX MOTD in the TF motd. It’s HTML code in case that is relevant.

I had this issue on my server as well and the best way i fixed it is by replacing ur ulx motd code in all the source games motd that way ot displays that code no matter what and deleted the source motds messes up the way it will show the motd so dont delete it just edit the motd file with ur html code.

Yeah that’s what I did. It would be nice to have an actual GMod MOTD again though. :\

put your motd file in garrysmod\

and make sure

ulx showMotd 1 <–

Thanks Buggz. Yeah my showmotd has been set to 1 for a while. I’ll put it in the main directory for gmod now. Thank you.