'No Mr. RED I expect you to die!' (Spy captured and killed)

Another TF2 picture.
I kinda like how it turned out. what do u think?

C&C appreciated.

Soldier isn’t holding the Shotgun correctly, and the Spy doesn’t look scared.

And it’s a RED that’s going to die.

I laughed at the facial expression :smiley: The posing on the soldier could need some work. And the screenshot is rather bland.


Heh, made me laugh.

I tought it was about the bond scene with the slowly moving laser…
Like people have said, the soldier is badly posed, and the pipe is way too high, the spy could just slip under it.

thanks for the comments lads.

I think someone did this already.

Soldier is meh. Probably could use better camera angle.

Red spy doesn’t look dead, but the title says he is. Damn people these days not rereading their titles!

James Bond 007: Goldfinger.
Like it.

The spy does look indignant, and yeah it’s a red captain obvious.