No Muzzleflash/Gunsmoke on the toolgun. HELP

Ok, so I have seen in youtube videos that people have gunsmoke and a muzzleflash coming from their toolgun. I don’t. Any ideas?

Ok, im not going to try and be a douche but, how retarded are you? Because there SHOULDN’T be a muzzle flash and smoke there, and why exactly does it matter?

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theres an option in one of the pannels thats something like: toolgun particle effects or w/e and that is the beam effect, the muzzle flash and smoke, thats probably an addon, which i’m not going to search for you

i don’t think the toolgun has smoke or muzzle flash, only the beam as said above as well as the cross decal which appears where the shot lands.

Yeah, the toolgun always gave me the little electric zap when I used it, a muzzle flash or gun smoke would be kind of funny though. Imagine using weld with something that shoots like a 357? Haha.

indeed, it can be done though if anybody really wanted it. :v: