No-Name Topic Regarding RP

Yeah, no creative name for this thread because it’s too frustrating to be a peace loving kid with all roleplays no matter how much you hate them. Today I’ve come not to make some ravaged rant on Dark RP only ,but every RP gamemode/community… Lets begin.

**HL2 RP:

**Without doubt this is the biggest argument against all RP communities… Your not serious like TnB or Kuromeku! This being the reason I depise HL2 RP servers(other then Kuro’s) I feel it’s appropriate for me to bash on this one first.

First off, I’ve heard an argument growing with many HL2 RP’ers regarding Dark RP as Minge RP cause it’s not serious like HL2 RP ,and that anyone who plays Dark RP is a retarded mingey thirteen year old boy. You know what I say too this? Fuck you HL2 RP. A great majority of you are elitist cunts who suck the admins cock all day cause you believe you’ll become a rebel or cop because your blowjob will make up for your shitty roleplay skills.

People may be wondering… Why did I just say that? Why am I so frustrated with HL2RP? Cause it isn’t RP. Before any of you flip shit on me ,and state,“LIER” let me explain my reasoning on this. HL2RP in general is usually linked up with TnB ,and being who I am I despise TnB till the day it dies a painfully slow mingeful death. Why? Cause it doesn’t give any form of freedom. Many players have told me that TnB is nothing like Dark RP or any other gamemode ,and it has a godly status in Garry’s Mod as the protector of roleplay’s epicness. Now I need to ask you all something… If TnB is so great why is it when I run from an officer in a roleplay stunt I get banned for being a ‘Dark RP Minge’ or when I do something such as use props from the area around me to make a statue,building,or store I get accused of not having a job ,and that I’m just a civilian. THIS IS NOT ROLEPLAY FOLKS. I’ve watched TnB for two years now ,and theirs nothing RP about it. If anything it’s just a Cops N’ Robbers gamemode where the civilian can be butt raped by the cops ,and when the robbers come to clean up the sperm they get raped by the cops dog who is armed with a mini tomahawk missile. I hate to sit there ,and just bitch about it ,but it’s the truth… I’ve tried to make roleplay/make my own group against the CP’s ,and of course the gamemode is so blantley two sided that the admins have to ban you for being different or you have a twelve year old nerd screaming, “OH STFU NOOB U CAN’T MAKE A GROUP!”. Which this will probally bring me back to Dark RP ,and other gamemodes ,but I’ll just say this now… HL2RP is not RP. It’s just a Cops N’ Robbers gamemode.


Alright this has urked me for awhile… PERP has been something of an offspring between Dark RP ,and HL2RP assep for it got so fucked up down the line that someone threw a mixture of Shiva Virus in the middle to speed up the Derpvolution. (Fallen Earth Joke.)
PERP orginally started as a gamemode ran by Pulsar Effect ,and we all know the story of somewhere around October 2009, Hunts ,and Blackfur raged about a person who they gave dev status took their gamemodes ,and ran away ,and made their own server. That is just about where the story truly ends.
So what is PERP? PERP is like many other RP gamemodes… You got the druggies,cops,pedos,trolls, and the happy idiots on unicorns. Everyone is doing their own thing ,but at least here is some middle ground where everyone isn’t blowing each other up with napalm ,and fucking everything up.
PERP does something though which does seem to give it popularity… It has cars… That is really the main factor missing in most roleplay servers ,but I somehow agree with many others that it’s a good thing. To be honest, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been Car Death Matched by some random idiot who tried to do the Cops N’ Robber scenario.
So you may be asking… What is the point in some where you just get cars? Well in all honesty, out of all of the roleplays PERP takes the cup as being slightly more realistic in the bunch ,but it still pisses me off that I can’t do a lot of shit.

Gmod RP:

Gmod RP is actually a gamemode for those of you who slept under a rock during the Dark RP vrs Gmod RP conflict. Basically, Gmod RP is the most realistic RP gamemode ,and proves that simplistic scripts give better roleplay then long shitfests like Tacoscript. Gmod RP is based around a system I actually give respect too… It runs on a license script,gives freedom of player models,and starting majority of roleplay scenarios is easier then shit.
For example, before the Dark RP vrs. Gmod RP conflict I remember playing on a Gmod RP server where one event when I was a police officer pretty much set off this huge riots where people were able to roleplay an outbreak of a virus known as the “MB Virus” which would cause people too go insane ,and begin attacking people for money ,and drugs.
That the general nature of the gamemode though. Begin events with others… Be friendly ,and make great rolepaly with the natural stuff of Garry’s Mod.
I sometimes wish someone would re-pick up Gmod RP ,and start it again just cause of it being the most original, and realistic in the bunch.

Dark RP**:

Dark RP too me is somewhat an oxycotton. I hate it… Yet I fucking love it. It creates the perfect atmosphere for orginal RP ,but do to the current job system it makes players want to be Cops N’ Robbers. This saddens me too that point ,but Dark RP does something which many can’t… Gmod RP ,and Dark RP have this in common… They’re extremely customizable. You can’t really go into Tacoscript ,and make your own roleplay ,but in Dark RP you can.

I want to make WOTS RP? Dark RP is probably an easier bet too work with considering I don’t have to be an expert with lua.

What is bad with it? It has too much freedom. Players take this gamemode up for granted ,and will generally make “Super Org” ,and begin massacring players for no damn reason. Other then that I really can’t rant about Dark RP. The only things fully wrong with it are the job system,voting system,and vgui.

Well lads that about it for now…When I begin playing Cider ,and Applejack I’ll let you know how I’ll bitch about em’.

Well, I have some notes to make.


I beg to differ. Not all HL2RP communities are TnB, and serious roleplay is the best you can get out of roleplay. TnB has a strict policy, but other communities such as Relentless Roleplay actually allow you to create different RP scenarios.

Gmod RP

I agree here, Gmod RP is one of the best gamemodes, as it gives freedom to the player and lacks the mingeyness of DarkRP (see below). An example is that once in a Gmod RP server, we RPed that there was a nuclear war outside and made a Vault before it, and we actually RPed having food issues, power failures, etc. In DarkRP, when I attempted to make the same event, all I got was “OMG FALLOUT FAILZ”.

Dark RP
The queen of mingeyness, DarkRP seems to literally rape the meaning of roleplay. Its name is badly placed, because RP is the only thing it is not. It is all about random deathmatch and more guns, hence why I call it DarkDM. It is a mingefest. See the example in “Gmod RP”.

Cant comment on PERP as I have never tried it.

HL2RP : Its pretty cool, I have played on TnB several times, never really gotten that in to it, but really enjoyed it nonetheless. I went on Kuroscript once, and was amazed about how complex the whole thing was. I wasn’t really a fan of the gamemode.

GModRP : Never been to a good server in my life. It should be more creative, but its not.

DarkRP : Its just DarkRP. Theres not much else.

PERP : Its horrid. I hate having to wait hours apon hours to get a car, so I can finally get around the city. I’ve never found it to be good at all, and the entire economy is based around getting cars.

Cider (aka old kuroscript) : Its fun. Its simple. It made relentless RP awesome, until they removed it. It is the shade of grey between DarkRP, and SuperSeriousRP.

CatScript : If there only was a server. This script is perfect. Completely.

In all honesty if you don’t like it, script your own gamemode, run your own server.

You should add a section for nexus and its schemas

like NovusTwo Severance Parasite 3 CiderTwo

Well, some HL2RP communities are using Nexus. An example is Relentless Roleplay, using the “Half-Life 2” schema.

ewwww Relentless Roleplay

Your “Parasite 3” is hardly a new Schema…

They are good,

Elitist, get out.

Stop trying to save DARKRP, it’s been overrun, you don’t resurrect something that is destroyed. DarkRP is mingy, not because of the script, but the players, and where darkrp is, there are minges following it.

That is hardly a rant, not even worth reading, it is just opinions you managed to peck out, a rant is alot more interesting than this…

Solution = non-retarded admins

Solution = global minge banning. But that’s not going to happen.

Whats wrong with it?

I go on crash, and get banned.

Thats a safeguard against disconnect to avoid RP, just post an unban request.