No NGC View with id NGC ViewID "ID here" (1690:8) to send RPC "ClientHealthUpdate"

Searching came up with no results, what is this showing up on my server logs?!

Seems to be happening right after somebody makes something. IE after “Gave 1 Workbench to 1 inventory”

Help! :zoid:

Does it break anything when you see it?

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I have absolutely no idea what it means but judging by the RPC and ClientHealthUpdate I’d assume that it’s either:
Trying to check and see if whatever you’re spawning is “legit”. AKA that you aren’t cheating to spawn or dupe items or something and perhaps some part of that process/item is broken that causes it to fail.
Or maybe just some trigger that checks your computer’s “health”, aka resources consumed like cpu % and memory and stuff.

I literally just googled RPC and found “remote procedure call” which sort of led me to these assumptions.

I am not trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about, just a best-guess thing lol.

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When someone “makes something” like when an admin spawns something in or just when anyone crafts something?

That does make sense. Its when someone makes something, sorry, should have specified.

I’m probably wrong but maybe in somewhere near-ish to the ballpark lol.

If nothing seems fishy then I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. Maybe someone who’s more knowledgeable could fill us in for sure.

Yeah, I’m not too worried about it at this time, doesn’t seem to be effecting server performance or anything. I’ve just never noticed it before now, hopefully we will hear some confirmation. :smiley:

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Just figured it out, its whenever someone uses the owner removal tool. :eng101: