No Noclip?

I saw this map without this force, and I could go out of the map and see repetitive stuff, then ANOTHER map where if you tried to go out, it’d push you back in. How do I do this? Thanks :smiley:

trigger_teleport and info_target entities.

Or trigger_push.

Is that a brush type? I need some way to stop people from jumping off a balcony.

Yes, those are brush based.

func_'s and trigger_'s are brush entities, everything else are point entities.

why not just use player_clip?

Never use an entity to do a brush’s job.

I’m relatively new, I don’t know a lot about mapping in hammer.

well he spoke about players noclipping and oscourse, if they no clip they can go through the player clips

maybe ask someone to make some lua’d entitys for you

reading is fun.

Trigger_remove does the job :v:

But player clip is just the thing to keep people from jumping off balconies. Reading is fun.

If someone is noclipping, then they are not following the normal laws of the game. Playerclip will stop people jumping off balconies as long as they are following the rules…which you can expect they would for a sp level. You are making things more complex than they need to be.