No NPC sounds or voice chat on our Dedicated server!

Hi guys.

Recently me and a few friends have been trying to set up a dedicated server. It seems that as soon as we fix one problem, another one arises XD but gradually we have narrowed it down to just the one/two.

Our NPC’s no longer make any noise!we have had them doing so in the past, and the only files we have been editing are the ASSmod files for the admin system we have chosen. I am by no means an Lua genius, but I do know a thing or two about the code, at a very basic level, and cannot for the life of me see how anything in ASSmod could cause the problem! I also Checked by moving the ASSmod folder across to my own gmod file, a fresh reinstall to help with the server, and the sounds work fine in single player. ASSmod is the only addon so far, although we do have all the additional content from CS:S to the ship running, however that never caused any conflict before! we also have Portal, and the entire HL2 saga.

The other thing is, voicechat has also mysteriously stopped working. When I hold down PTT I can see my box in the corner appear to let me know my mic is on, and whos talking, but nobody else on the server can see my box, a speaker over my head, or hear me talk. and vica verca, they can see their own boxes, we can’t see that, the speaker, or hear them talk.

We hope the two are related, killing two birds with one stone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

after some tweaking I found a fix.

You need to take your ‘source 2007 binaries’ gcf from steamapps and extract it to orangebox.
You need to take your ‘source engine’ gcf from steamapps and extract it to your Server root folder
You need to take ‘episode 1 shared’ gcf and extract that to orangebox AS WELL!

These are all things the dedicated server setup doesn’t tell you and if anyone is moderating this, would it be possible to look into getting up there for the future?