No numpad on laptop

I cant access cameras and stuff becuase my laptop dont got numpad, cant press hotkey to use tools like cameras… any other way?

Um? laptops don’t have numpads. U gotta live with it i think.
Or maybe u can finds something useful which change ur numpads.
or just use wire.

Or just get a normal keyboard to plug into your laptop. They’re pretty cheap.

or u can press the FN key and press numlock wallah u have keypad :slight_smile: however, my computer came with a keypad so im lucky i guess :\

As ComradeT said, you can buy external keyboard for your laptop. There are also external numpads around, but they are pretty hard to find.

Like Simspelaaja said buying an external numpad, after some digging here’s a pretty good deal.

whats /where is the FN key located?

left of the windows key, it says FN


quick ref. image for ya :slight_smile:

Or just make a button.

Most laptops don’t have their own physical numpad, but have the numpad assigned to a part of the keyboard where the letters are that can be switched on and off. In chainn’s post, you can see the little numbers on the U, I, O, J, K, L and M keys. To use these you just press the Num lock key. Don’t use the function key, as, in the above image, the function key would enable scroll lock.

FN+M = 0

and so forth.

thanks~! Gonna try now…



thats so esay to fig ou8t

just let him be, we were all noobs at one point.